Jean Pauphilet

Assistant Professor of Management Science and Operations

MSc (Ecole Polytechnique) PhD (MIT)
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Joining LBS after completing a PhD in Operations Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr Pauphilet’s research involves collaborations with hospitals and medical institutions in the US and Europe – with a focus on analytics for healthcare operations and prediction-based decision making. He also conducts methodological work on algorithms for machine-learning, large-scale optimization, and optimization under uncertainty. His work has been published in the likes of Mathematical Programming and Statistical Science. Dr Pauphilet has also advised and consulted for various companies on their analytics strategies in the energy, IT and insurance sectors, alongside having worked as an analyst for the French venture capital fund, Ventech.

  • Healthcare operations
  • Machine learning
  • Discrete optimisation
  • Optimisation under uncertainty


Certifiably optimal sparse inverse covariance estimation

Bertsimas D; Lamperski J; Pauphilet J

Giá máy bắn cáMathematical Programming 2020 Vol 184 p 491-530

Sparse regression: scalable algorithms and empirical performance

Bertsimas D; Pauphilet J; Van Parys B

Statistical Science 2020 Vol 35:4 p 555-578

Teaching portfolio

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