Sendil Ethiraj

Giá máy bắn cáProfessor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

PhD (Pennsylvania)

Giá máy bắn cáSendil Ethiraj received his PhD in Management and Strategy from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and was on the faculty at The Ross School, University of Michigan for over a decade before joining London Business School. His research and teaching focuses on competitive strategy in large and small corporations and has spanned a variety of industries such as software products and services, semiconductor, pharmaceutical drugs, sports, insurance, mutual funds, and airlines. Specifically, his research focuses on unpacking the implications of viewing firms as bundles of interdependent choices for strategy or decision making under complexity. Complexity is a salient managerial challenge since it hampers an efficient identification of alternatives, their ranking, and thus limits a complete understanding of the trade-offs among decisions and their performance implications.


  • MBA core course, Understanding General Management, C122 D AUT14

  • EMBA core course, Understanding General Management, C031 AUT14 and SPR15 (2 streams)

  • Elective course, Advanced Competitive Strategy, E492 SUM15

  • Effects of interdependence in decisions on choice of strategy and organisation structure
  • Firm heterogeneity and industry structure
  • Innovation and technology strategy


Fight or flight? Market positions, submarket interdependencies, and strategic responses to entry threats

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Do product architectures affect innovation productivity in complex product ecosystems?

Giá máy bắn cáEthiraj S K; Posen H E

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Does complexity deter customer-focus?

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The division of gains from complementarities in human-capital-intensive activity

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Hoping for A to Z while rewarding only A: Complex organizations and multiple goals

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Performance effects of imitative entry

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The dual role of modularity: Innovation and imitation

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Allocation of inventive effort in complex product systems

Giá máy bắn cáEthiraj S K

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Where do capabilities come from and how do they matter? A study in the software services industry

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Bounded rationality and the search for organizational architecture: An evolutionary perspective on the design of organizations and their evolvability

Giá máy bắn cáEthiraj S. K; D. A Levinthal

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The distribution of R&D effort in systemic industries: Implications for competitive advantage

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